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     All began in 1991, we finally had enough space and a new home and decided having a dog.We thought about a big dog, but at that time we didn’t know Newfoundland dogs. 

   During a week end we spend outside Barcelona, close to the mountains, we saw a small advice with a little black dog on it.

   First at all we read some books about these dogs, the newfies, and when we saw some pictures and heard about these gentle giants, we have been sure that this is the right dog for us.

   So the next weekend we started looking for newfies , again in the mountains, where we have had seen the little arrow with the dogs picture on it.

   After more than four hours searching, when we started getting worried thinking that maybe this place does not exist, we found some more arrow with newfies on it.

   We followed these little arrows and when we thought we would never find this place, we stopped by   on top of the mountain , found the place and were surrounded by eight big adult blacks newfies- we will never forget this impression.

   These dogs belonged to a breeder called Francisco Javier Segura Guinovart, so called Paco, and the dogs where running all around and Paco living among them. He had some very nice dogs, such as Jehaj Olav, Gipsy and Surrin, we think that Paco gave us all some lessons about these dogs.

   We were lucky: Olav and Gipsy have had puppies one month ago and there were still some puppies available.We had to wait some month before Paco gave us a puppy ( he watched very carefully to whom he gave a puppy ) and finally we had our first newfy – Vilma del Turo de l’Home ( that was his breeder’s name ).

    We started with expositions and in 1992, Vilma and her two sisters, Venus and Vesta, were the first three place on the world cup in Valencia, Spain.For us this was something incredible, a great experience, we were only doing this for hobby, nothing professional, and Vilma finally    proclaimed Spanish champion in 1996 in Madrid, begin the best dog of all.

   We had lots of fun with Vilma, she died 12 years later.

   We learnt a lot going again and again to expositions and met nice people and we would like to mention specially Angel Maestro and Patricia Melara.

   Through all the there have been many breeders, many of the with excellent dogs, but nearly all of them disappeared or gave up. Not so Angel and Patricia, their bredes name is “Basaburua and Anmalual “, we think they are actually one of the persons who news the newfies the best, they spent lots of time living with them and have excellent dogs, winning a lot of championships.

   The second newfy we had was Byron, a big and cute male with a very gentle character, first at all he won also many time, but growing up, he had a problem with one leg, the bone was not growing the same as the other, so he started moving his foot a bit outside.

   He also was among us more than 12 years-we always think about him in loving memory.

   In 2006 Betty came to us and one week later Google.

   Betty is very ill, she has a heart problem, we tried to operate this, but there is nothing we can do about it, so now she is just our little Baby.

   Goggle is multi champion, and we are very proud of him.

   Our last dog ( for now ) is Donna, she came to us in 2009.

   We would like to dedicate this site to all our friends , the newfies and would like to thank them for all the beautiful tine we have spent and are spending with them.

Our special love goes to Byron and Vilma, we will never forget you.



Vilma con Anna   Byron   Byron-Vilma

Vilma with Anna





Jorge Bosch y Angela Schmidt